Terms of Trading for Cheryll Kinsley Potter

Training Courses held in the Studio:

Training courses in Oil Painting, Watercolour and Egg Tempera (Iconography) are provided by Cheryll Kinsley Potter shall be held at: The Iconography Studio, Shakespeare Walk, London N16 8TA.

Pupils will be expected to provide their address, telephone number and/or mobile numbers at the time of booking any training course at The Iconography Studio.

Payment of Fees and Course Places

Fees are payable on a Session by Session basis.
Each Course Session must be paid for at least one week in advance. The first Session must be paid for at the time of booking the Course to reserve a pupil place. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances after discussion with the Tutor. If a student fails to attend two sessions, their Pupil place on the Course may be subject to cancellation.

Tutor Availability

Should the course tutor become unavailable due to unavoidable circumstances, a replacement tutor may stand in. Should a replacement tutor not be available, course session/s will be rescheduled.

Responsibility for third party possessions

The Iconography Studio shall not be responsible for loss of or damage to any items or possessions bought into the Studio by Pupils or Visitors.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of all original Cheryll Kinsley Potter work is protected by Copyright Law and any infringement of such Copyright will be vigorously contested by process of law.

Conditions of Sale

The sale of all Cheryll Kinsley Potter work is subject to conditions as negotiated at the time of sale.







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